About Us

Mission Statement

Vendri is making spinners a thing of the past by speeding up content display on the internet for everyone. Vendri's Actionable Data Platform provides web and app publishers with modern tools for instant contextual display of media from any source on any screen.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use the same internet to do more. Creating a better experience for the end-user, while creating new standards for delivery of content by all publishers.


After years of work in the online media/internet advertising world, Founder Jeremy Titus wanted to bring about a better user experience and lead the way in new standards for delivery, communication, and display of information, which he noticed was missing in the industry.

Why Choose Us

  • Device Agnostic

    Vendri's engine is device agnostic. Meaning, it will play any media content on any device anywhere. We even have fully open sourced SDKs if you prefer that over non-sdk.

  • Incredibly Fast

    With Vendri we solve the problems of speed and load times. What takes todays single-task players up to 7 seconds just to load, Vendri can begin display or playback of any media type in under a second. Thus speeding up the internet for your end-user so they stay excited about your site.

  • Actionable Data

    With Vendri your data is always available and with real-time analytics so that you know if your campaign is meeting it's audience and giving you the ability to make changes instantly.

  • Details

    Vendri's engineers comb through the details, making sure that everything is running smoothly, up to date, and writing new versions when we find there is something that can be added to enhance your experience.

Hot News

We Research

At Vendri we scour the Internet and media looking for all the possible problems publishers are having with syndication. We take the problems and we fix them.

Constantly Upgrading: Constantly Updating

Vendri is constantly upgrading hardware so that we are able to keep up with the demand of our customers. With Vendri we are constantly updating so that our version meets the demands that our customers may want in the future.

Consistently Learning

The staff at Vendri are consistently in a state of education. Each staff is encouraged and pushed to learn new programs, programming languages, while staying current in their perspective field.